Software, Setup, Support & Training as a Service

Everything is taken care of. Installation, hosting, initial and ongoing training, plus end user support

Software, Setup, Support & Training as a Service

Intranet to optimize work, HIPAA compliant email to send ePHI, one click video & phone conferencing with screen sharing

All Devices

Access your tools on any device, anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.


IT free installation. We handle all the details. You provide input and feedback along the way.


FAST hosting. Backed up every 24 hours. Secure.

Initial & Ongoing Training

Welcome users into the system. Provide live, online, 1 on 1, and recorded video to get users comfortable and productive.

End User Support

Let us worry about support. Somebody can’t log in? No problem. Our U.S. based support team handles all end user support requests by phone, chat and email.


Get a Demo, Get Answers

Get a close look at our solutions:

  • Intranet to optimize work
  • HIPAA compliant email to send ePHI
  • One click video & phone conferencing with screen sharing
Ask questions.

Get a Demo, Get Answers


Define Challenges, Identify Solutions

What sorts of issues is your organization running into? Too much time spent in email? No good way to send patient information securely? A well defined problem is halfway solved.

Define Challenges, Identify Solutions


Start Project

Everything starts with a plan. What do we need to do, when, how and by whom. Execution begins.

Start Project


Get Feedback

We show you an early version of your app within a week and ask for feedback. We iterate based on your feedback until the work is done.

Get Feedback


Phased Rollout

Getting users into the system ASAP is part of our process. As soon as a part of the system is ready we roll it out to small groups to gather more feedback.

Phased Rollout

Managed End User Support

When your end users run into issues, they contact us. By phone or chat.

Call us 9-5 EST

U.S. based support that will help your users solve their problems quickly.

Chat Support

Users request help right inside the application. No need to manage more email or log into another system.

Managed End User Support

Look inside the hood. Get a demo. Ask questions.

Coordinate people, groups and projects. Send and receive HIPAA compliant emails from any device. Schedule conference calls for face to face file sharing meeting enabled meetings. Without IT.

Get a Demo