an Intranet to

Organize & Manage:
Projects, Groups, Committees and People

Organize & Manage:<br> Projects, Groups, Committees and People
Organize Groups and Committees

Manage Projects with Ease

Easily Find Files

Make Important Announcements

Highlight Important Dates

Find People

Find Locations

Build an Internal Knowledge Base

Organize Groups and Committees

  • Send messages to group members
  • Share group files
  • See group members
  • See related projects

Manage Projects with Ease

  • See project completion status
  • See group members
  • Assign task and due dates to people
  • Mark tasks complete
  • Share project files
  • Share important project links

Easily Find Files

  • One location for all project and group files
  • No more searching for the latest version of files
  • Anyone can upload files
  • Organize files by folders
  • Access files anywhere anytime

Make Important Announcements

  • One location for all organization news and updates
  • Create news announcements in minutes
  • Prevent important announcements from getting lost in email

Highlight Important Dates

  • One location for important organization dates and events
  • Create new calendar events in minutes
  • Prevent important dates from getting lost in email
  • Synchronize events with users’ calendars

Find People and Locations

  • One place to see all organization members
  • Identify subject matter experts
  • Get organization members’ contact information
  • Customize user profiles’ information

Build an Internal Knowledge Base

  • One place to share important information
  • Organize information by category
  • Create knowledge base articles in minutes
  • Easily update articles to keep information up to date

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Who does all the work?

Our team does all the work. We provide a solution as a service. This means you get software, installation, training, support and everything in between.

Who provides support?

Our team provides all the support. When users have issues or questions they contact our support team via chat or phone.

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What does my team have to do?

Our team does the heavy lifting. Your team needs to provide us information about your users. We also need your input on the system design to pick features, colors, etc.

How much does it cost?

Our solution as a service model pricing includes installation, hosting, training, support and ongoing management. Leaving your team time to focus on more important things.

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Includes: installation, hosting, initial and ongoing training, and support

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