Visualize your Data. Your Way.

Smart Lighthouse connects people with data in an accessible, auditable, actionable way.

Visualize your Data. Your Way.
Management Dashboard

See key business metrics that drive business. Automate today’s manual reports.

Clinical Dashboard

See patient population data. Examine staff outcomes. Identify new opportunities to serve specific patient demographics.

Counselor Dashboard

Measure counselors’ sessions’ attendance rates. Learn what works to consistently get patients to show up.

Predictive Modeling

Estimate clients’ chances for recovery. Identify potential at risk patients. Estimate optimal treatment options.

Management Dashboard

  • View your key business metrics on a single dashboard
  • No more spreadsheets! Free up staff time and automate today’s manual reports
  • Access the data you need to manage your practice

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Clinical Dashboard

  • See patient population data
  • Examine staff outcomes
  • Empower individuals in your organization to interrogate data and produce insights on their own

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Measure Staff Performance

  • Examine patient attendance rates
  • Identify counselors whose patients consistently show up
  • Implement what works to get patients to show

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Who does all the work?

Our team does all the work. We provide a solution as a service. This means you get software, installation, training, support and everything in between.

Who provides support?

Our team provides all the support. When users have issues or questions they contact our support team via chat or phone.

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What does your team have to do?

Your team needs to provide us your data. We also need your questions and domain expertise.

How much does it cost?

Our solution as a service model pricing includes:

– Installation & hosting

– Training & support

– Weekly meetings to build dashboards

Wrangling data can be very simple or complex depending on your data situation. So at this point, we don’t have a fixed monthly cost.

That said, we believe in helping organizations improve outcomes and management with data and will work with you to make the numbers work.

I have another question

Happy to answer additional questions. Contact us!

Bring your data and questions. We’ll bring the software and data science.

Put your data to work for you.

Become a data driven organization

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