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Empowering Healthcare with Innovative AI Solutions


Empowering Healthcare with Innovative AI Solutions

At Smart Lighthouse, we are dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare with cutting-edge AI technology. Our goal is to enhance patient care, streamline administrative tasks, and provide valuable insights to healthcare providers.

Our mission is to empower healthcare practices with intelligent, efficient, and customizable AI chatbots that improve patient engagement, reduce administrative workload, and enhance patient education.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Liran Baron


Liran brings over 20 years of experience in AI and healthcare technology, including 10 years of healthcare software experience developing customized solutions to real-world problems. More recently, he has applied his expertise in the cybersecurity field.

Constance Hackett


Constance is a seasoned professional with a background in healthcare management, including 7 years working as an oncology nurse and several years in cybersecurity. Her insights and leadership have helped shape our strategic direction.

Why Choose Smart Lighthouse?

Innovative Solutions

We leverage the latest AI technology to provide intelligent, customizable chatbots.

Expert Team:

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in healthcare and technology.

Proven Success

Our AI solutions have successfully improved patient engagement and operational efficiency for numerous practices.

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