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  1. Can the chatbot provide information on specific medical conditions?
  2. How does the chatbot ensure the information provided is accurate?
  3. What kind of support do you provide for the chatbot?
  4. How secure is the chatbot in handling patient information?
    Can the chatbot handle multiple languages?
  5. How do I integrate the chatbot into my existing website?
  1. How do I schedule an appointment?
  2. What are your office hours?
  3. Do you accept my insurance?
  4. What should I bring to my appointment?
  5. How do I get a prescription refill?
  6. What is your cancellation policy?
  7. Can I get my test results online?
  8. How do I prepare for my appointment?
  9. What services do you offer?
  10. Do you offer telehealth appointments?
Why Our AI Chatbot?

Enhances patient engagement with 24/7 support.

Automates routine tasks, reducing administrative workload.

Provides detailed information to educate patients.

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